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Just 3 Things? Really?

Yes, really.

To really understand why Three Things is limited to just 3 things, I recommend you read Jeff Atwood’s post Three Things, which is short and sweet and inspired this app.

In a nutshell: Three Things isn’t about capturing all the hundreds of things you need to do. It isn’t about tracking a bunch of tasks or even making a to-do list for your day. It’s about going through the exercise, every day, of asking yourself what your main goals or tasks or areas of focus are, for that day. It’s about a practice.

Why three specifically? It just feels right. I guess Jeff can balance three things during a given day, and not four — and I’ve found this to work for me as well. Four just feels like too many.

Three Things may not be for everyone. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s fine — feel free to not use it, or to modify it for your own purposes. I made it for me — and it’s working for me. I’m only sharing it on the off chance that it might work for you too.

Using Three Things while Offline

If you’re using Safari for iOS; Chrome for Mac, Windows, or Linux; or Internet Explorer for Windows then Three Things works great when you’re offline.

Before you do, you just need to open the app once when you’re online; after that you should be able to access it using its normal URL even when you’re offline.

Browser Support

Three Things has been tested with these browser/OS combinations:
OS Browser Status
Mac OS X 10.9 Chrome 35 Seems to work!
Safari 7 Seems to work except for offline support.
Firefox 30 Seems to work except for <details> and <summary>.
Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 Seems to work except for <details> and <summary>.
iOS 7 Safari (7) Seems to work!

If your preferred browser isn’t listed, feel free to try it — I’d love to hear how it works for you!

Using Three Things while Offline with Safari 7 for Mac OS X

  1. Open the app (with Safari) while online
  2. Save the main file to your hard drive
    1. Choose the “Web Archive” format for the saved file
  3. Open the saved file with Safari
  4. Use the saved file from now on, whether online or offline